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Deborah E on Prairie Radio

Deborah E and hubby meet up with Mark Maxwell, president of Prairie Bible College, and his sidekick, Dan Callaway, in the cold country (compared to Los Angeles!) and chat about all things from shrimp migrating home to “sticking it where the sun don’t shine.” Listen to the broadcast, here:

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International Criminal – Toddler?

Did you know that I am an international criminal, wanted by the US and Canada?

This is what I was told by someone representing Prairie leadership, seven years ago, after coming to Prairie Bible College in need.

I haven’t lived in Canada since I was a toddler, so I must have been one naughty toddler to be so WANTED by both countries! And, such an honor to be considered an international criminal at such an early age!

Is this type of bullying sanctioned by religious organizations, under the heading of “leadership training?” Are scare tactic used to get rid of unwanted, possibly uncomplimentary, requests for help, in an attempt to ensure that the organization can come out smelling like a rose, the gospel is spread, and God is glorified? It would seem that if there are no problems to solve, then there is a perception of success.

Have the religious organization “bean counters” figured out the ROI (return on investment) of sacrificing a couple victims here, re-victimization (bullying) there, and the collateral damage of a couple family members on the side, for the return of spreading a message of God’s love to the entire world? Does the organization offer full disclosure to the new converts to explain that they may be part of the next transaction for the good of all mankind and their eternal salvation? Is this what is meant by “missionary training?”

These leadership and missionary training objectives are what I learned, from the Prairie professor on the other end of the phone, the day that I contacted Prairie for help and was told that I was an international criminal.

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Medical Response : Cause For Concern

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